Repli5 relocates to Lindholmen Science Park

Repli5 moves to Lindholmen Science Park following growth and team expansion through 2023. 

Gothenburg, Sweden (December 14, 2023)

Repli5, a Gothenburg-based AI startup, recently relocated to Lindholmen Science Park. The startup has grown and expanded the team throughout the past two years, successfully maturing into an exciting innovator within the automotive landscape in Gothenburg.

“We’re excited to bring ourselves closer to the innovative ecosystem in Lindholmen. Many key actors, both in the startup landscape but also in the automotive market, are located in and around Lindholmen,” shared Elliot Sparrow, Business & Product Manager at Repli5. 

Repli5 made the move to Lindholmen Science Park following growth and team expansion through 2023. The new office, located at Lindholmspiren 3, brings Repli5 closer to the research and innovation in Gothenburg’s automotive hub. “We’re particularly pleased to have found our new home in an area surrounded by relevant neighbours. AstaZero, mobility Xlab, Zenseact, SAFER, VTI – there are many automotive and mobility organisations on our doorstep,” added Elliot Sparrow. 

Formerly located at CampX by Volvo Group, the startup spent almost two years situated in the incubator and R&D centre housed by Volvo Group. Following successful collaborations over this period, Repli5 expanded the team beyond the capacity of the incubator, moving out in December 2023.

About Repli5

Repli5 is an AI tech startup dedicated to advancing autonomous vehicle technology. Specializing in 3D software and synthetic data, Repli5 accelerates the progress of autonomous vehicles by providing state-of-the-art tools for simulation and testing. Additionally, Repli5 develops pioneering machine learning technology to augment synthetic data, significantly reducing the time and cost associated with computer vision training and testing. With a team of passionate experts, Repli5 is committed to shaping the future of mobility through innovation and technological excellence.

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