Create 3D simulation environments for training, validation and verification.

Synthetic Data, Simplified.

WorldGenerator™ creates 3D environments that can be tailored to your specific needs. This enables you to create synthetic data in life-like environments during simulation. 

Automation is the future.

Our solutions include procedural, automated generation of 3D static environments. It is quick, simple and customisable to create a synthetic environment that can provide the perfect conditions to simulate your autonomous vehicle. Simulator agnostic for easy-onboarding.

Editable Digital Twins

We can create digital twins of real sites, such as mines, to simulate in. 

Then use WorldGenerator to edit the digital twin to create unique scenarios for validation and verification of autonomous systems.


Benefits of Synthetic Data

Synthetic data is an excellent tool to increase the speed of autonomous vehicle development. We believe it’s optimally used in compliment to logged data, to provide a high quantity, high quality training dataset. 

Weather Independent

Logged data is dependent on the weather at the time of collection. No need to wait with simulators and synthetic worlds. 

Rare Events

Capturing ‘rare events’ during manual logging of data is, well, rare. Synthetic environments can simulate these rare events.

Instant Annotation

We’ve removed one of the largest time sinks in training a perception system. This means no more frame-by-frame annotation processes. 

Safety First

Dangerous or high-risk scenarios are difficult to train due to potential harm of life or risk of destroying engineering components. The safest way to train the perception system is in a virtual world.

Create your 3D world today.

WorldGenerator™ creates 3D worlds from the comfort of your workspace. Don’t wait for good weather, setup custom cameras or annotate frames for endless hours. 

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