Build 3D Virtual Worlds for any scenario.

WorldGenerator™ is the tool for simulation engineers across perception, planning, control, V&V and safety. Built to train and test autonomous solutions faster.

Train, Test and Validate with WorldGenerator™

Closed-Loop Scenarios

Run scenario-based simulation in 3D graphic environments to test perception or the full stack

Edge-Case Identification

Identify and analyse autonomous software across ever-changing synthetic environments

Perception Training

Populate the 3D world with under-represented asset classes to generate useful synthetic data

Relevant Synthetic Data

Generate data to compliment your real-world logged data, maximising the value of your simulations

Simple yet sophisticated.

WorldGenerator™ is built with simplicity in mind. We’ve taken away the complex problems associated with 3D environment creation. Our tools are easy to use and beginner friendly, yet offer endless possibilities to customise. 

“Machine Learning will enable us to more easily create highly customisable digital twins and virtual worlds.”

Synthetic data industries
Prof. Devdatt Dubhashi – Chief Scientist
Off-road domains

Focus Areas

Difficult terrains in remote areas are often where autonomy is needed the most. 


Simulation environments in farm and agricultural settings, where we provide synthetic. 


Woodland and Forestry for ATV, Harvesters and Forwarders. 


Quarrying and Mining environments for autonomous haulage, grading and drilling. 

Enabling Autonomy.

Training, testing, validating and verifying autonomous systems is difficult. With $100b already invested across the industry, it still feels as though we have a long road ahead to self-driving cars. The time it takes to train perception models, develop planning and prediction algorithms and validate these systems is too long.

Every domain still has huge challenges, from road signs to dusty mines, forest terrains to crop rows. Synthetic data can help accelerate time to market, through reducing the demands on logging millions of miles of real world driving. Yet accessing good synthetic data, with the flexibility to change the simulation environment, remains a challenge.

WorldGenerator™ can solve these problems. A toolset to easily create realistic 3D environments for simulation. A software that provides flexibility not only in ‘scenarios’ but ‘scenes’. A platform to tailor virtual worlds for specific tests and edge cases. 

We hope WorldGenerator™ enables our customers to deliver autonomous solutions and accelerates industry 4.0.

Stefan Svahn, CEO

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