What we do

Enabling autonomous vehicles with synthetic data

Our software tools automate the creation of 3D worlds for simulation. This enables faster, cost efficient and tailored development of autonomous vehicles.

Our offer

Digital Environments

We help you make the most of synthetic data by creating original, highly customisable 3D worlds and digital twins. Our customers use our solutions to train and validate autonomous systems. 



Automatically generate 3D synthetic worlds using our WorldGenerator™ platform. Create original, realistic and customisable virtual worlds to simulate autonomous vehicles in


Save Time

Automated processes can save weeks of time compared to manually logged data collection and processing. 

Tailored Data

Stress test your autonomous vehicle in specific scenarios, edge cases or dangerous events in a virtual world.

Simulator Agnostic

We don’t want to restrict how you synthesise your data. Our solution is designed to suit your workflows, regardless of your preferred simulator.

Wide Asset

Our broad asset library has been developed to provide a wide variety of assets and textures found in different environments; highways, cities, forests and quarries.

Ease of Use

Synthetic data does not have to be complex. WorldGenerator™ is built with simplicity and freedom in mind.

Cost Effective

Generating data from synthetic worlds can be up to 500x more cost efficient than a manual, logged alternative. 

Original 3D Worlds

WorldGenerator™ is a platform that allows you to create completely original 3D environments. Simulator-agnostic, automated and tailored to your exact needs.

Digital Twins

Our WorldReplicator™ service takes sensory data, such as Lidar and RGB input, and recreates sites in a realistic synthetic environment.

Open Database

Repli5 is developing an industry-first database of original 3D worlds and digital twins, hosted by AI Sweden, to serve both academic and commercial usage.

We create the tools for you to build custom 3D simulation environments for autonomous vehicles.

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