Quarries & Mines

3D Mining Simulation Environments

Use WorldGenerator to edit 3D mining simulation environments for validation and verification of autonomous systems.

Digital Twins
& Tailored Worlds

Simulation in mining has been used for decades. Today, it can be a crucial tool to train, validate and verify autonomous systems. 

WorldGenerator™ is our proprietary platform that allows you to create 3D mining sites for simulation. Edit obstacles, roads, slopes, piles and terrains to customise the world. 

Road Network

Create fictitious sites with road networks to simulate in. Draw junctions and intersections yourself – or randomise the road network.


Import assets such as gravel piles, rocks and vehicles to create new scenarios with potential obstacles.

Road Deformation

Create deformations in the road to mimic the surface you’d drive in reality. This way, your perception systems are truly being tested to identify the driveable path in an environment closer to reality. 


Export your custom virtual world into your own simulator. We support industry standard file formats.

Fictitious Worlds

WorldGenerator creates new, fictitious world from your own specification. This world can be used to generate synthetic datasets, or to simulate vehicles during testing. 

Digital Twins

Import scanned Lidar data to create a digital twin for simulation. Use WorldGenerator™ tools to manipulate the twin and test new scenarios. 

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