Synthetic data for Mining and Construction

Specialised terrains for simulation

Heavy industrial vehicles are moving towards autonomy. We support the development of autonomous vehicles through providing procedurally generated environments beyond the roads.

  • High volumes of datasets

  • Ease of use with automated processes

  • Suitable for training, validating and verifying models

  • Quarries, mines, construction sites and more

white autonomous car

Synthetic data for Automotive

3D environments for simulation.

Our tools are designed to facilitate the development of autonomous vehicles. Using state-of-the-art technology in an easy-to-use platform speeds up the development of autonomous solutions. Realistic and relevant synthetic data provides a golden ticket to train and validate machine learning models in computer vision.

white autonomous car


Realistic 3D environments for simulation offer a host of benefits for automotive R&D teams. Our products provide high volumes of synthetic data with minimal resources or manual work.

  • High volumes of datasets

  • Relevant, tailored data to stress test scenarios

  • Ease of use with automated processes

  • Wide asset library for urban, highway and rural environments

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Our software solutions can extend beyond our current use cases. We’re a small, flexible team willing to apply our expertise across any industry. We’re open to hear your ideas!

We create the tools for you to build custom 3D simulation environments for autonomous vehicles.

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