Off-road and Forestry

Forest Simulation Environments

Use WorldGenerator™ to edit 3D forest simulation environments for synthetic dataset generation, and validation and verification of autonomous systems.

3D Forest Simulation Environments

Synthetic Datasets

Perception models can be joint-trained with real world and synthetic data. Virtual 3D worlds can be used to gather synthetic datasets to train these models.

Segmented Forest Simulation Environments

Save on Annotation

Pixel-perfect annotation is a benefit of synthetic data. Our datasets can therefore reduce the cost of training data, by providing a cost-efficient alternative to real world, manually annotated datasets.

Customise your simulation environment

WorldGenerator™ is our proprietary platform that creates 3D simulation environments. From road signs to potholes, our worlds are highly customisable to suit your specific data needs. 

Create urban simulation environments that can be used for synthetic dataset generation to train perception systems.

Path & Terrain

Create fictitious sites with path networks to simulate in. Draw junctions and intersections yourself – or randomise the path network.


Auto-annotated assets including obstacles, people, animals, trees, vehicles, vegetation and more. 

Potholes & Road Surfaces

Create deformations, such as potholes, in the path to mimic the surface you’d drive in reality. This way, your perception systems are truly being tested to identify the drivable path in an environment closer to reality. 

Export to Simulator

Export your custom virtual world into your own simulator. We support industry standard file formats.

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