Introducing AL3X

3D Environments made for Simulation.

AL3X is the world’s first library of 3D environments made for simulating autonomous vehicles and smart mobility applications.

3D Scenes for AD/ADAS Development

Turkish highway 3D environment for AD/ADAS functionality simulation.


Highway environments for AD / ADAS features such as lane-keep assistance, merge assistance and more. 

German town 3D environment for AD/ADAS functionality simulation.

Town & City

Urban environments comprising intersections, obstructions, road signs, traffic lights and more.

German residential 3D environment for AD/ADAS functionality simulation.


Suburban neighbourhoods suitable for testing driving in residential areas with high proximity to peripheral objects such as pedestrians.

How AL3X works…

1. Sign up

Create an account through contacting Repli5 sales. We offer a limited free plan for customers who want to trial our sample content – no commitment needed.

2. Browse Worlds

AL3X hosts many 3D scenes across EU and US typical ODDs. We even share off-road environments, such as quarries and warehouses. Search by domain type, size, or file format. 

3. Download

AL3X tokens can be used to download content. Simply select the 3D environment, agree to the T&Cs, and download your sim-ready content. 

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