Meet the Team: Elliot

30 May 2022

We recently welcomed Elliot Sparrow to our office in Gothenburg. Elliot is a business developer with firsthand experience in driving startups and early ventures across several industries. A jack of all trades – he’ll be keeping technology and business moving in the right direction together. We took a fika with Elliot to get to know more about his life as part of Repli5.


I joined as a business developer, but my broad experience means that I can bridge responsibilities across operations, project management, sales, brand and marketing. I act as a pivot point between technology, communications and business.

Why Repli5

The role is perfect for me. I’ve driven startups before, come from a technical background, as well as worked in roles in marketing, so I’m really intrigued across different aspects of value creation.

Repli5 is at a really exciting stage in the startup journey where the early technology is gaining traction and now business development can start to execute with momentum.

Taking research and technologies and turning them into a product that can be commercialised really interests me. 


I’m not a textbook example, that’s for sure! I studied materials science and sports science in the UK, and worked in marketing roles alongside my studies. I then moved to Sweden to complete a Master’s Degree in Business Design. I worked in startups across marketing and then ran my own tech startup. I think I’m a good example of showing that there is no clear path to a career, but instead you can learn skills as you go. 

Out of Office

I play basketball a few times a week. I’ve played sports regularly since I was young which explains my competitive nature. I watch a lot of sports too, F1 and football mostly. I also like creative outlets, playing piano is my main way to unwind and escape for a while. 

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