Create custom 3D worlds for simulation of autonomous vehicles.

WorldGenerator automates the creation of 3D simulation environments. A tool for simulation engineers to save time, find edge cases, and improve robustness. 

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Replace manual processes

3D environment creation takes time. With WorldGenerator, you can automate many processes to avoid unnecessary time sinks. 

Complete customisation

There are hundreds of changes you need to make in simulation environments. We enable easy editing of the 3D world to create unparalleled variation. 

Automated tools to create:

Road Network


Junction Logic

Height Map & Elevation

Road Signs & Lights

Objects & Obstacles

Potholes & Road Deformation

Buildings & Infrastructure


Supporting urban, suburban and highway domains. 


Open-pit and quarries, as virtual sites and digital twins. 


Arable fields and farms with support for a host of crops. 


To support harvesting and forwarding solutions in forestry. 

Packaged to suit you.

WorldGenerator can support small startup teams to international OEMs. Our packages can be tailored to your use case. 

Start Up

1-3 Users

For small collaborating teams who require quick changes to simulation environments.


4-10 Users

Ideal for collaboration across departments in technology companies. 


10+ Users

Ideal for Tier 1 and OEMs who use simulation across their entire group.

A 3D toolbox for quick and easy editing.

WorldGenerator is a 3D software built on top of Blender. It is built to meet the demand for easy editing of 3D worlds. Simulation is used for dataset generation, testing, and validation and verification. All these processes require variation in the simulation environment.

“We’ve closely collaborated with major industry players. So we understand the demands on V&V and Simulation Engineers to create vast variations in their 3D environment to reduce the demand on real-world testing and data logging.”

– Stefan Svahn, CEO

“Automation and machine learning will redefine how we create 3D virtual environment. WorldGenerator will use AI to create digital twins and automated features that will save huge amounts of time in testing and data generation.”

– Prof. Devdatt Dubhashi, Chief Scientist

Getting Started

For Beginners

How it works

Your simulator should support most standard 3D formats. You can build a 3D world according to your own specifications using WorldGenerator, then import it into your simulator. Instead of requiring 3D experts to model your environment, you can do it yourself. 

Getting Help

Customer Support

We know that 3D software can look challenging. So we offer high levels of support to ensure you are able to confidently create and edit your environments. We’ll onboard, educate and support you as much or as little as you need. 

First Steps

Build Worlds, Find Edge Cases

Blender is an open-source software that WorldGenerator is built on. Using WorldGenerator tools, many of the time-consuming processes are cut. You can build, edit and export worlds as often as you need to identify edge cases. 

Advanced Users

Modular Worlds

WorldGenerator allows you to segment different parts of a 3D map. You can add and remove different parts according to your test needs, using WorldGenerator to create a modular world. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What domains do you support?

We support on-road and off-road domains. Cities, highways, forests, farms, mines, quarries – even golf courses. We’re open to new environments too!

Can you build worlds for us?

Yes. If you would prefer to not use the software, but are interested in the worlds, we can build worlds for you using WorldGenerator. Get in touch to explore our options. 

Can I have a free trial?

Our latest release is being trialled by select users for free. Get in touch to learn if you’re eligible for a free trial. 

How long is a license term?

From 12 months. We offer free upgrades to latest releases as our software continues to develop too. 

Does it matter what simulator we use?

No. If your simulator does not support our formats, we can explore a collaboration to write an import script for your simulator. We want to be simulator agnostic. 

Can I use this for synthetic data generation?

Yes. WorldGenerator has a well-developed asset library that contains materials, textures and models that can be used to train perception models. Gathering images in simulation using our worlds can create useful datasets at a fraction of the cost of real-world counterparts.

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